Photos That Show The Beauty Of Mother Nature

In the age of the internet and mobile phones, we often find ourselves detached from the beautiful nature that lies all around us. Although we depend on the natural world and its splendors for everything artificial we make, nature is also something we need to have unadulterated. Nature at times comes up with something that we cannot believe is real. They say the truth is stranger than fiction, and these unbelievable photos are just that, because they seem to us doctored at first glance, while they are actually real. Sometimes a picture is caught at just the right moment to reveal something truly spectacular that we didn’t imagine could exist. Check out these incredible images to see if we can convince you of the power of nature.

Lightning Striking

Each of these incredible photos is more difficult to believe than the one before, but that just shows how unbelievable nature really is, if you only know where to look. This photo was taken with long exposure at the moment lightning hit the tree.

Lightning Striking

Electricity shoots down the tree trunk and spreads to the ground, illuminating the trunk in a beautiful violet color. As pretty as it is, if you ever get stuck in a thunderstorm, it’s best not to stay outdoors!

Unwanted Guest

This dog looks completely resigned to his fate after his lunch was commandeered by this cheeky skunk. This canine knows not to mess with a skunk unless he wants to get sprayed and carry the stench for months.

Unwanted GuestMaybe he’s expecting his owner to do something, but his human is just as wise to the skunk’s sneaky stratagems as the dog is. The best course of action when unwanted guests are eating all your food is to cut your losses and let them have their fill before they bugger off.


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